[SOLVED] Eclipse SmartHome designer wont allow say or playsound

I’m attempting to get openhab2 to say “light on” via the system speaker on a RPI3 via the 3.5mm jack.

However i cant write the rule as Eclipse SmartHome designer seems to be unhappy with the synax, am i missing something? I have followed the same syntax as there own example.

Screen shots below.

	rule "test"
	Item socket_tkb changed
			say("Hello World")


This is known effect, it won’t prevent your rule from running though, or your say command from working (if you set up the rest OK). ESH v0.8 is too old and does not know these commands, (v0.9 is permanently broken).
You may want to use VSCode, which may soon replace officially the ESH, it appears.
However, please know that there are currently also some known bugs that cause error messages in your log files (it may depend on the version you are running though)
More help is in several threads on this forum.