[Solved] Error reading SOAP response message

Hi there,

I’m getting like 4-5 of those messsages each second in karaf.

18:44:50.269 [DEBUG] [sport.upnp.internal.UpnpIOServiceImpl] - Error reading SOAP response message. Can't transform message payload: org.jupnp.model.action.ActionException: The argument value is invalid. Invalid number of input or output arguments in XML message, expected 2 but found 1.

Platform: Rapberry Pi 3, Openhabian Release Build
32 GB SD-Card
persistence is activated running MySQL 14.14 Dist 5.5.62

Where should I start Troubleshoot? All I read is upnp and XML so I guess persistence first?

Lately performance in PaperUI decreased and I’m also worried this might wear out my SdCard as well.

Thanks a lof four your help.

remove each binding one by one until the issue stops. Are you using the ipCamera binding? SOAP messages can be used for ONVIF but the ipcamera binding only sends SOAP when first connecting to a camera or if it is moving via PTZ.

There is no IPCamera in my setup.
I uninstalled every binding still the message appeard - slitghtly different without persistence:

12:32:49.862 [DEBUG] [sport.upnp.internal.UpnpIOServiceImpl] - Current state of service prevents invoking that action. Connection error or no response received.

So I backed up my important stuff anyways - most is just the conf folders - and did a fresh reinstall which solved the issue.