[SOLVED] Error while binding an item (defined in .items) to a zwave dimmer device with HABmin

I’ve upgraded my OH1 system to OH2, with all v1.9 bindings first.
Now I’ve upgraded to the new z-wave v2 binding.
If I try to bind a dimmer item from the .items file to the brightness channel of my Fibaro dimmer, Paper UI gives the error message:
“[WARN ] [thome.io.rest.core.item.ItemResource] - Cannot update existing item ‘’, because is not managed”

The only way out seems to be entering a new, non existing item name.
But that way one gets a unwanted, mixed managed system with items in the item file and Paper UI managed items.

What could be the case here?

What I really don’t understand is that it is possible though to bind a switch item to a zwave popp controller switch.

Could anyone tell me how to get a dimmer item from items file bound to the fibaro dimmer ?



If you want to use text files for the items, you will need to link your item to the channel in the item’s binding configuration. In PaperUI, copy the channel info (i.e., zwave:device:375b45a2:node36:switch_dimmer) and paste it into your items file. It will end up something like this:

Dimmer US_DiningRoom_Dimmer "Dimmer (Dining Room) [%d%%]" <slider> (gUS_DiningRoom,gLight) {channel="zwave:device:375b45a2:node36:switch_dimmer"}

You are receiving the error because manually configured (non-managed) items cannot currently be linked, edited, removed, etc. through the UI.

Hi Scot, Thanks for your help!
I found the channel name in Paper UI in the channel list of the zwave Thing.
Would I need to remove the currently bound item or use the same item name in the item file as the one I used in HABmin to bind to the Zwave Thing, or … ?

Yeah !
I added the channel to my item in the .items file and now both items are connected !
Thanks for the quick support, awesome !