[SOLVED] espMilight 'All' group

I’m sorry if the answer or question exists but I’ve searched and had no luck.
I’m using the espMilight binding and I have 3 bulbs on the same device but under 3 separate groups. Is there a way to reproduce the ‘All’ group on remotes with and item? The device is not spoofing any existing remote. Thanks

Yes that can be done, it was only fully added a month ago so be sure to update the binding to latest. There is also another way and that is to use openhab groups, but then it won’t follow the remote for that master group control.

I just installed the binding and made the controller yesterday so I’d guess I’m up to date. Can you point me towards the method to control the ALL group? I saw in a post about using 0 on the end of the thing and item definition but that doesn’t seem to work. Sorry if this is simple but I don’t do this sort of thing professionally and admit I have much to learn. Is there a ‘go here’ location for the latest info? A post or site? I’ve been searching and sifting but most of what I find is out of date. Thanks

I notice that I have a thing 0x20 but the item publishes to 0x2 not 0x20.

I would need to test it but it should be a matter of move the remote so a mqtt topic is created and then the binding should find it when you do a search in paper ui. You can also add it by textual config but make sure you read the readme section on the key to succeeding.

Sorry to have bothered you with this. A restart made it work. I see now too that I was looking at the mqtt command incorrectly. I was able to manually publish a command to the 0x20 topic and the bulbs would react properly. Led me to see openhab wasn’t publishing from UI input. Restarted and all is well.
BTW thanks so much for your work on this. I wish I was able to understand things like that. I can’t imagine the hours involved.

There is probably 100 hours in that binding and I was learning, now I could do it in 30 hours. Testing to find what works and does not work is the biggest killer of time.
Thanks for posting it works as someone else made the PR and I had not tested it myself as the less than 10 lines of code that changed looked right. Saved me testing it when I got home.