[SOLVED] EspMilightHub Problem


I have built this hub which is working. I have gone through the setup as described in the link below, and can see mqtt messages from the hub.

My problem comes with the binding.The thing is there but no lights are being detected> Should they be added to the inbox ? I have added all the mqtt details in the thing settings.

any help appreciated.

Welcome to the community!

Have you configured your items and linked the channels? Do you have the mqtt broker installed and which one (best to use mosquitto)?

In the link posted above you have an example of a full configuration. https://github.com/Skinah/EspMilightHub#full-example

It also mentions using auto detect but most will advise against this b/c of issues as you continue adding to your home automation. Use PaperUI to configure the Thing and use files for the Items.

Thanks for the info. I wanted to add one set of lights manually just to prove the hardware and mqtt. I can see massages coming from the hub. When I add manually I can see no place for the device ID.

I have openhabian installed on RPI. Where are the files I would edit if I do it that way. The file structure looks different to the way described in other posts.

File for things, items, stiemap, etc… are all in etc/openhab2 just use ls command to get a list of all directories.

Screenshot at 2019-12-07 12-24-44

Thanks for your help on this. Working now. That was a steep learning curve.