[SOLVED] ESXI, license how to?

Hi, I installed ESXI on some PC I had…
from there all working fine… but I came under the issue of license

I have 60 days … from I was able to tell on the net you can activate a license for free on VMware website but
they have some issue that is preventing me

I have been trying for days this is not a temp issue

maybe they are not giving any more tokens?
i have spent weeks on building this setup , anyone has any idea how to get a license

Pay VMWare

I moved the thread to the “Off-Topic” Category and marked it as [Solved] :slight_smile:

Google this stuff dude !

If these instructions doesn’t work you need to contact VMWare. Only the tiniest minority of OH users run on ESXi.

Mmmh. Probably right. But there are some of us doing it though :wink:
Personally I’m running openHAB on ESXi for years (IIRC since openHAB 1.5)
For me there are some very good reasons to leverage the functions ESXi brings us.

I’d love seeing more users going that route and sharing their experiences.
So @Gad_Ofir : Fix you licensing issue according the link posted by @rlkoshak and enjoy openHAB in your ESXi VM :wink:

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I’m not arguing that it isn’t a good idea. I run on ESXi myself. My main point is the OP is unlikely to find help for this particular problem here on this forum. It’s not OH related and there are not many users who might have the extra knowledge to help.

There are a number of threads around where I and others have posted their experiences. A search on ESXi should bring them all up. You can start a new one if you don’t think they cover what you are after.

For me, the tl;dr is had I to do it over again I’d chose Xen or KVM instead of ESXi as I’ve reached the 8 virtual cpu limit and even though my physical machine has room to grow based on usage I can’t create any more new VMs. OH and everything else runs great though.

Hi guys i agree… not OH related but we are commnity and its nice to know that i am not the only crazy guy doing that…

and maybe @curlyel can tell me right path ?

what kind of ESXI you have ?
do you pay for it?

Thanks i will sure try…

i have 60 days hhh

Unless you pay vmware you will have the free version. The key you are looking for is just for the free version. Unfortunately esxi is not cheap

It’s ESXi free since it’s just personal use.

To be honest, @rlkoshak already did :wink:
Follow the link he has posted. This worked for me to get the free personal license.