[SOLVED] EventAdmin: Blacklisting ServiceReference - stopped http binding GET action - build #1115


after first http GET action over http Binding, I got the following log message:

2017-12-13 22:47:39.464 [WARN ] [org.apache.karaf.services.eventadmin] - EventAdmin: Blacklisting ServiceReference [{org.osgi.service.cm.ManagedService, org.osgi.service.event.EventHandler}={event.topics=openhab/*, service.pid=org.openhab.http, component.name=org.openhab.binding.http, component.id=249, service.id=412, service.bundleid=218, service.scope=bundle} | Bundle(org.openhab.binding.http_1.11.0.201712060210 [218])] due to timeout!

and the http GET do not work any more. After a restart of the bundle, it works one time!
I read a lot in the community about Blacklisting ServiceReference and saw @Kai posts, update to build >= 1117.
I did it and it solved my issue.
Thanks for this great community.


OFFTOPIC: This is my http Binding items-file:

Number  nukiHaustuer_action "Aktion" <nuki> {http=">[1:GET:http://IP-Adress:8080/lockaction?token=TOKEN&nukiId=ID&action=1] >[2:GET:http://IP-Adress:8080/lockaction?token=TOKEN&nukiId=ID&action=2] >[3:GET:http://IP-Adress:8080/lockaction?token=TOKEN&nukiId=ID&action=3]"}

Glad to hear that this is solved, thanks for the feedback!

My Epson projector bundle is now being blacklisted when I use it :open_mouth: (2.2 stable), is that something that was supposed to be solved or is there something I missed (I tried to search the forums without much success)? What can I do to resolve this?

Thanks :wink:

22:51:05.152 [WARN ] [org.apache.karaf.services.eventadmin ] - EventAdmin: Blacklisting ServiceReference [{org.osgi.service.event.EventHandler, org.osgi.service.cm.ManagedService}={event.topics=openhab/command/*, service.pid=org.openhab.epsonprojector, component.name=org.openhab.binding.epsonprojector.binding, component.id=280, service.id=435, service.bundleid=236, service.scope=bundle} | Bundle(org.openhab.binding.epsonprojector_1.11.0 [236])] due to timeout!

Sounds good, i have the same issue on 2.2.0-1 release build. But i dont know how to upgrade to a specific build. When i switch in openhabian to the latest snapshot. i get a 2.3 Version of openhab with many other Problems for me?!

For the record I went the “nuclear” option and added:


to userdata/etc/org.apache.felix.eventadmin.impl.EventAdmin.cfg.

Not a good solution by any means but at least it solved my problem.

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that works for me too, thank you very much. You made my day :slight_smile:

I see, this is Kais solution, too
remove timeouts for event handlers to avoid blacklistings

Ah, nice find! I didn’t know that had been added to the distro already. I used the update script which didn’t apply the change because it’s designed to preserve everything in userdata except for some exceptions (which didn’t include this file).
I submitted a PR to address that.