[SOLVED] Exec binding on Windows 8

(sercasyr) #1

I would like to launch an executable file (.exe) on Windows 8, from OpenHAB, when an item (in my case, “nbState”) gets a particular value (in my case, 5).

This is my item configuration:

Number nbState {exec=">[5:START “MyProgram” “C:\Path\MyProgram.exe”]"}

But it doesn’t work.

Does the exec binding work on Windows?
If yes, what is the right syntax?

(Patrik Gfeller) #2


I use the exec on M$-Windows 10 to shutdown computers; this is from my items configuration; I hope it helps:

Switch networkGamePC "Spiele PC" <computer> (gNetwork, gHomeEGTV) { nh="GAME-PC:139", wol="", exec=">[ON:] >[OFF:shutdown -s -m \\\\GAME-PC -t 0 -f]" }

with kind regards,

(sercasyr) #3

I guess shutdown is a windows command.
Do you have a rule where you launch your own .exe file?

I use START because I need my executable program to remain being executed. It is not a program that does one particular thing and closes. It needs to be continuosly running.

I am trying to find the difference between your working configuration and mine…

I don’t think I need to change the item to a Switch item.
I guess Number it’s ok, isn’t it?

(Patrik Gfeller) #4

Mhhh …sorry; not an expert either. I use autostart for things that need to run always (e.g. TTS utility) and windows scheduled jobs to call things I need to run e.g. every 5 minutes (update calendar items from google calendar). The closest I found on my system is a place where I call a .bat file (I did add the path to the environment variable of windows):

Switch squeezeTVPower "TV" <squeeze> (gSqueezeTV, gHomeEGTV, gMusikPower) { squeeze="TV:power", exec="ON:squeeze.bat" }

Dont’t know about the number …try the switch as a first (as I know that works); then once that’s sorted out you may change/verify that is works with a number as well.

kind regards,

(sercasyr) #5

I have tried many combinations:

-change the .exe to a .bat file
-keep the .exe syntax
-add the folder to system path
-change the item from Number to Switch.
-try the new syntax {exec=">[ON:MyProgram.bat]"}
-try the old syntax {exec=“ON:MyProgram.bat”}

Nothing works.

Are you using Windows 8.1?
I don’t understand what I am doing wrong…

(Patrik Gfeller) #6

I use windows 10; sorry I’ve no idea why it is not working.

I assume you have the “org.openhab.binding.exec-1.8.0.jar” present in your add-on folder?

Try to start OH with debug configuration; do you see log entries when you try trigger the switch?

(sercasyr) #7

Now it works (although it took me a while…)

It seems that:

1- System path change wasn’t being taken into account by OpenHAB
2- Antivirus blocked the execution of the program (silently!!)
3- The program was executed from the OpenHAB directory, and when it was launched, it didn’t find the proper config file.


1- Restart the computer :slight_smile:
2- Add an exception in the Antivirus
3- Create a .bat file that goes to the right directory, and then launches the program.

Problem solved.

(Michael) #8

Hallo sercasyr,
Could you please Post the example that works on Your Computer, item and exec Code, also where the File is saved?

Greetings Michael

(sercasyr) #9

This is what I did:

Add this to the items file:
Switch swExec (grExec) {exec=">[ON:MyApp.bat] >[OFF:taskkill /IM MyApp.exe /T /F]"}

The MyApp.bat is located in this folder: "C:\MyDir"
This folder is added to the system path (Control Panel -> System -> Environment Variables)

The content of MyApp.bat is:

CD MyDir
START MyApp.exe

Hope it helps…

(Michael) #10

Thanks for your fast replay:

i placed my test.bat to the openhab directory:


and for the test i turn this switch on (in the items file)
but still not working, i also use windows 8. maybe you got some more idea?

Switch swExec {exec=">[ON:test.bat] >[OFF:]"}

what exactly you did at this step:

"This folder is added to the system path (Control Panel -> System -> Environment Variables)"
Thank you