[SOLVED] Fbacker/broadlink-mqtt-bridge

so, the bridge is running (you most likely selected to enable auto-start upon reboot at the end of the AutoInstaller

If you access http://{computer-ip}:3000/ it should bring up its web interface

can you control the broadlink devices from OH2? you should be able to…
post your related item config

I have fixed MK smart house. :smiley:

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Yes I did ( was this bad)

yes .

  "action": "play",
  "topic": "broadlink/epson_projector/menu",
  "origin": "web"

I don’t know what you mean this ------->>> some thing like this

Switch Menu                      "Menu"                                                 {mqtt=">[broker:broadlink/epson_projector/menu:command:ON:play],>[broker:broadlink/epson_projector/menu:command:OFF:play"}```

work :smiley:

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No, it’s fine.

yes, this looks ok

ok can I ask one thing why

what I had worked with MK smart house MQTT ???
why did we have to chagen it?

we didn’t really have to change your mqtt.cfg
we did it just to make sure that everything is ok and to eliminate a potential cause of problems.

the first line “enforces” the config parameters by first cleaning whatever was configured in the past for the MQTT binding and the applying the correct ones in the file. You can now remove this first line if you want.

the second line just uses the localhost ( IP address (instead of the local LAN ( IP)

Ok my openhab is

at the end on the page Matt tell’s me to do this??


it’s the same thing (using the localhost IP or the LAN IP) since you are running the broker on the same machine as OH2… Actually… it’s “preferred” to use :slight_smile:

this is for connecting OH2 MQTT Binding to the Broker

  1. https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/184447/whats-the-difference-between-a-machines-ip-address-and-localhost
  2. https://whatismyipaddress.com/localhost

ok thanks for your help. I was think ok makeing another items file to store the broadlink Items is this a good ider if I do this

it’s always a good idea to use separate items files to group stuff
I use one items file per binding (or subsystem)

do I have to wright it different in sitemaps or rules?

you can have multiple items files and only 1 sitemap file and as many rule files as you want
all the items files will be loaded so all the items will be available to OH2

cool, thanks you, I so happy its working now.

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