[SOLVED] FGS222 not reporting status on physical switch (S1/S2)

So I have a good working setup of OH2 2.4.0 (Build) with Aeotech GEN5 Z-wave stick and 10-15 Fibaro-inwall switches and dimmers. This is all running on a mac mini with Ubuntu.

Problem is, this one particular FGS222 Double relay switch is not reporting status when toggling S1 or S2 switch (tested both channels, including Q1/Q2). Had some trouble adding it to the network and had to try the hard reset (remove power, hold b-button for 3 sec…) and after some while I managed to include it.

Works perfect from Openhab with Q1/Q2 channels but does not at all report status backwards to OH2 when toggling with physical buttons.

Have tried, exclude, include, remove, add, reboot, restart…you name it.

This is the DEBUG log
First image: Using physical button

Second image: Using OH2

Make sure you are using the channels for endpoint 1 and 2, not for 0.
Also make sure you did set the correct association group to your controller.

I think you mean channels “switch_binary1” and so on for endpoints ? Yes I’m using them.

Hmm, looking into associations…reading thread about lifeline associations…when I check my nodes in Habmin there is no association in any of them ? Should there be ? All other nodes are working properly.

EDIT: Added “controller” to Switch2 and magically it now works. Got to understand this thing about associations

Could be the usual display bug, don’t worry.
Just set Lifeline to the controller and save.

See my edited post above.

This node does not have a lifeline setting though.

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Older devices have different names.

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BTW, it needs to be Controller Updates:


Ok. I need to ask, I do not really follow your last post. How do I interpret that specification ?

Is my settings below correct ? (even though it worked when setting controller to the active switch…)


Association groups defined in the database not pointing to the controller (in this case Switch 1 and Switch 2) are used for direct associations between two zwave devices without even involving openHAB.
Setting these to the controller would cause unnecessary traffic in your zwave network and even cause problems.
If you want updates from your zwave devices to openHAB, just set one (the correct) assocation group (in this case Controller Updates) to your controller.

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Thank you for explaining this and helping me out!