[SOLVED] Fibaro keyfobs

OH2, 2.5.0.M1

Two Fibaro FGKF-601 keyfobs, both show up as things seem to be paired into the network just fine. Had mine working earlier today. I then added the second keyfob for the wife and mine stopped working. It’s connected to the z-wave network but I’m not getting any events at the controller. I have a Steve_keyfob.rules that is identical as the Patsy_keyfob.rules file below, just changed the name and the node number. Is there something else that needs to be unique so both keyfobs will work?


Number Steve_fob “Stevefob” {channel=“zwave:device:2eebb52b:node32:scene_number” }
Number Steve_fob_batt “Stevefob battery” {channel=“zwave:device:2eebb52b:node32:battery-level” }
Number Patsy_fob “Patsyfob” { channel=“zwave:device:2eebb52b:node33:scene_number” }
Number Patsy_fob_batt “Patsyfob battery” { channel=“zwave:device:2eebb52b:node33:battery-level” }


rule “Patsy keyfob”
Item Patsy_fob received update
var swState = zwave_device_2eebb52b_node33_scene_number.state as Number
var name = “PatsyFobRule”
logInfo(name, "P_Fob Update: " + swState)
switch swState {
case 1.0: {logInfo(name, “Square1xClick HERE”) }
case 1.3: {logInfo(name, “Square2xClick”)
sendCommand(hue_0210_001788acd5e0_1_color, ON)
sendCommand(hue_0210_001788acd5e0_2_color, ON)
sendCommand(hue_0210_001788acd5e0_4_color, ON)
case 1.4: {logInfo(name, “Square3xClick”)
sendCommand(hue_0210_001788acd5e0_1_color, OFF)
sendCommand(hue_0210_001788acd5e0_2_color, OFF)
sendCommand(hue_0210_001788acd5e0_4_color, OFF)
case 1.2: {logInfo(name, “SquareHoldDown”) }
case 1.1: {logInfo(name, “SquareRelease”) }
case 2.0: {logInfo(name, “O1xClick”) }
case 2.3: {logInfo(name, “O2xClick”) }
case 2.4: {logInfo(name, “O3xClick”) }
case 2.2: {logInfo(name, “OHoldDown”) }
case 2.1: {logInfo(name, “ORelease”) }
case 3.0: {logInfo(name, “X1xClick”) }
case 3.3: {logInfo(name, “X2xClick”) }
case 3.4: {logInfo(name, “X3xClick”) }
case 3.2: {logInfo(name, “XHoldDown”) }
case 3.1: {logInfo(name, “XRelease”) }
case 4.0: {logInfo(name, “Triangle1xClick”) }
case 4.3: {logInfo(name, “Triangle2xClick”) }
case 4.4: {logInfo(name, “Triangle3xClick”) }
case 4.2: {logInfo(name, “TriangleHoldDown”) }
case 4.1: {logInfo(name, “TriangleRelease”) }
case 5.0: {logInfo(name, “-1xClick”) }
case 5.3: {logInfo(name, “-2xClick”) }
case 5.4: {logInfo(name, “-3xClick”) }
case 5.2: {logInfo(name, “-HoldDown”) }
case 5.1: {logInfo(name, “-Release”) }
case 6.0: {logInfo(name, “+1xClick”) }
case 6.3: {logInfo(name, “+2xClick”) }
case 6.4: {logInfo(name, “+3xClick”) }
case 6.2: {logInfo(name, “+HoldDown”) }
case 6.1: {logInfo(name, “+Release”) }

Just read through the manual and I have a sneaky suspicion that I might have inadvertently locked the keyfob. Have to wait till I get home from work to test that theory though.

It wasn’t locked. Ended up removing, resetting and including again. Now I got both keyfobs sending proper events.