[SOLVED] Fibaro Smoke Sensor - Aeon Labs Aeotec Gen 5 Z-Wave in OpenHAB

Hello all,

Does anyone have experience with adding a Fibaro smoke sensor via a Aotech zwave stick Gen5 into Openhab?

I am unable to get it installed in openhab.

The inclusion of the sensor in the stick went fine but OH does not detect it.

If the sensor is included it is also “installed” in OH.
I guess you mean that inclusion is not finished and sensor is dedected in OH as unknown thing?
If so you have to wake up the sensor several times, which could also mean 20 or more wakeups …

I have managed to add the device now but I get no info.


I would like to perform a test to see if the device is working. Can you set off the alarm manually via openhab? (Once it’s working)

As far as I know you can test it with real smoke only :roll_eyes:
But take a look in the manual, you can check connection to the network etc.

The wake up time of the smoke sensor is about 3 hours or even more, so you have to be patient …
I remember I had to tripple click the button on the sensor to get the first readings.

oh ok… So I will have to wait a few hours… hmm this is really very confusing/complicated to get it to work.

Yes, it took me also longer as I’ve expected.
But just click the button from time to time and have a look in the log.
If you see something like “node6 was updated” you should have values in PaperUI.

I am having a temperature value now but it doesn’t seem to update.

This is a battery driven device, so you should not use it as thermometer …

Have a look on parameter 20 and 21:

Great, this helps me alot! :sunglasses:
If you have any other setup tips or parameters I should modify please let me know. :smiley:

I have two of them, exchanged old and defect “analog” devices and having them just for a few months.
So at the moment I am using them same as the old ones just for noise notification in case of smoke or heat.
So I’m not a real help for you.

I’ve planned to get alarms on my mobile but got stuck as I’m not online all over the day when I’m out.
And to get a notification about an hour old that there is smoke or heat in your kitchen is something nobody would like :roll_eyes:

Here are my complete parameters…

Parameter 2, 20 and 21 are important…

Here you can find all Description of the Parameters :slight_smile:


Assuming you have firmware 3.2 or higher, here is our database entry with the configuration parameters and a copy of the manual.


Thank you Kevin and Bruce!

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File not found. Please share again.

DB has been relocated