[SOLVED] Firmware updates

Hi everyone what is your method for updating your device firmware

Could a new update stop devices like hue and tp link from working with OH?

Should I wait a while after the updates are released before installing them?

Are you on stable or snapshot version?

I´m on snapshot and make updates every few days/weeks.

My debian server runs on esxi. Before each openhab update i make a snapshot. Then oh-update and after that i test the new version a little bit.

If it is working properly, i remove the snapshot. If not working properly, i go back to the saved snapshot.

I would recommend you to make a full backup of your whole sd-card, server or where else you have openhab running. So you can easily go back if there are errors.

If you are on snapshot, there can be always an error in one of the new versions. So it doesn´t make much sense to wait, because neraly everyday there is a new snapshot with new possible errors.

If you want to switch from one stable to the next stable, i would wait some days to update after a new release has come out. So possible errors will be discussed here in the forum.

If your question was about firmware of the devices which are controlled from openhab, then i would also wait a little bit. In most cases there is no way to back to an older firmware, so if there is any incompatibility, the binding hast to be updated first.

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My question was about device firmware and bindings I will wait before updating device firmware thanks for that

Also thanks for the extra info I was also wondering about the upgrade process for OH itself

pretty sure it’s a stable version 2.1.0
It’s running my on Windows 10 Machine

If you have openhab installed in only one folder, so you can simply backup the whole folder, make an update an if it doesn´t work, copy back the old folder.

If you would be on linux, then in an apt-get installation it isn´t all in one folder. In this case, you have to backup the different folders, little bit more work.

My install is just in the windows downloads folder inside another folder labeled OH2. 1.0

is there nothing stored in the windows registry

My beginning with Openhab was on windows, too.

All in one folder, i started Openhab manually with a batch-file.

Later i moved this folder from windows to a linux server without changing something. I only hat to make same new configuration to autostart oh with the server.

With the update to OH2 i started with a completely new installation with apt-get. I copied the old config files back to new installation and it was working again with a few changes.

So you have to backup only the OH-Folder on windows, this is the beginner friendly way. Other way would be to backup only the configuration, but if you make a backup of the whole folder, you will be back online much faster without much work.