[SOLVED] Fresh Install, cannot get proper startup screen or access to GUI?

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: RPI 4
    • OS:
    • Java Runtime Environment: whatever came with OH v2.5
    • openHAB version: 2.5

So I decided to cut my losses and start a new install from scratch following the official documentation at https://www.openhab.org/docs/installation/openhabian.html however after I write the image to and SD power on the PI and leave it for 45 min I cannot get access to http://openhab:8080 and/or load the GUI from the web browser. Putty does seem to work however I do not get the screen as shown in the turorial (below)…

I do get a screen that shows this…


What am I doing wrong ?


I completed and update, upgrade system and install openhab stable and now I can use the GUI however I cannot access the config files when entering in the IP to map the drive as per below…

In openhabian, did you setup network sharing? Like via samba? You should be able to configure this via the openhabian menu when you access the pi via putty. After that you should be able to map the network drive in windows.

So I found the problem after doing some searching. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reqUM0iiQF4)

When I tried to re-start from scratch I placed the SD care in an SD reader in my PC and re-formated via right-click and reformat.

When searching I found that someone had used a sandsisk reformat program. Once I re-formated this way and re-installed everything seemed to work as it should.

It may also be that I left the pi alone for more than 45 min as per the instructions as well

The Raspberry Pi site explicitly says to use the SD Card Formatter application for this.

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… is then full of BS. Re-formatting has no effect if you afterwards burns an image which contains new (formatted) system in it.

When you deal with SD cards:

  • Read what you write. Some tools do that automatically (Etcher)
  • Check your SD cards for defects with a tool like F3 or H2testw
  • SD cards just dies. When they do, throwing them away is the only way.
  • Other things …