[SOLVED] Fritzbox after update 2.4 >> 2.5 offline - communication_error


after update from 2.4 to 2.5 all my FritzBox Things are offline (bridge offline).
The fritzbox has “communication error”.

I verified IP, port, username and password. with supplied data i can log in. But OH still says communication Error.
It doesn’t matter if i select https with port 443 or http with port 80

I restartet Openhab and the diskstation, notthing changes.

After i saw Fritzbox in Inbox and added it. then i got all my items in Inbox and added them. now nothing is working.

now i added my 2nd fritzbox on other IP. I entered binding data (other ip same user and password) OH seems chrashing. After restart the 2nd one is online, the fist still offline.

checked login with browser on http and https, both is working.

tried yesterdas the whole day, and today. After creating this thead all is working by now