[SOLVED] FritzBox Tr064 binding - how to find Google phonebook id

I write because I’m using this binding in my Openhab2 system and find it really useful. Recently in the binding was added the possibility to resolve the calling/called number with the name of the caller/called person for sync telephone book (before, I think, that was possible just for internal phonebooks).
In order to use this features it is necessary to set in the config file the phonebook Id of the phonebook you want to use. I tried the feature with my local phonebooks and it works (the default phonebook Id is 0), but I would like to use it with the Google Contact phonebook I configured in the Fritzbox and I can’t find the way to know its phonebook Id. In the documentation there’s no info about how to find the phonebooh Id and in internet it seems it’s possible to find some software that can read the soap api but they are someway a little too complicate for me (I tried to install and to use them but until now I had no success because I’m not used to the pearl and phyton software).
Do you know any simple method to find out the phonebook id for the Google sync thelephone book?

I answer my own question: I have just dedicated some hours trying to find a way to discover the Id of my Fritzbox synced Google telephone book and finally I succeeded!!!
Mmm, actually I’ve not completely succeeded, but I made the first step.
I used the Python tool Fritzconnection:

I downloaded the software and I launched the fritzphonebook.py module (specifying ip, user and password to access the Fritzbox), I got these results:

Blockquote ID name url
0 telephone book
1 X(my google account)

So, it seems that the ID of my synced Google telephone book is 1 or 240. As I wrote in my first post, the called/caller name resolve works good in my Openhab system if I use my local telephone book (phonebookid=0), in the last minutes I tried to change the configuration file of the fritzboxtr064 binding, using both 1 and 240 as ID but with none of them I could have the number of the caller/called resolved with the name in the phonebook.
So, I guess the post could be considered (auto)resolved, because the problem was “how to find Google phonebook id”, but the result to have the caller/called numbers resolved to the synced phonebook contact is not yet achieved (I think it’s better to open a new specific post).