[SOLVED] Fritzboxtr064: Contact item for mobile stays always OPEN

A couple of weeks ago the binding started to keep a single Contact-Item OPEN for most of the time despite it not being on the network, or, toggled between OPEN and CLOSED in a non-comprehensible way. Couldn’t find a solution - it was a friends (i.e. guests) device, such not that important, and threw it out of the config.

Now the Item for my mobile is affected. Even when I leave home, the Contact-Item will stay OPEN indefinitely (well, for ~2 hours at least, was not longer out of network reach, recently), not triggering crucial rules any more. Can’t spot any error. Didn’t change anything which has to do with the binding, to the best of my knowledge.

The route so far:

  • restarted the binding
  • re-installed the binding
  • re-started the openHAB service
  • the connection on the Fritz.Box is offline, when the device leaves the network, as expected, so probably not a router issue

The problem persists. Suggestions to further proceed much appreciated.

Solution was to remove the device from the Fritzbox and have it reconnect after some time. As to why that helped I don’t know. For now, openHAB retrieves the network device’s state from the binding correct again.

When I first tried to remove the network device from the Fritzbox, it said that it can’t be removed because the device be active, besides being shown as offline, and I haven’t applied a MAC-Filter. So I activated the MAC-Filter, removed the device and deactivated the MAC-Filter again. openHAB would then show the device as offline, as expected. Since I re-connected the device to the Fritzbox, no problems any longer. :crossed_fingers: