[SOLVED] Gauge widget for HABPanel?

I took a look at the old threads about a gauge widget (all a year old or more).

I’m running openHABian on a pi.

Things they mention in those threads don’t seem to get me a gauge widget.

I tried the .jar file from here:

in the addons directory and got no new widgets.

The thread where that is mentioned is:

Later in the thread it is suggested to save the panel config before copying in the .jar file. That didn’t change the content of the addons directory, copying in the .jar file afterward, produced no changes.

I tried import widget from file and it says it needs a .json file.

Is there a new way of doing it?


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Working now, the .jar file was owned by root.

Changed owner and group to openhab and it found it.

Not sure if the panel config save was necessary…