[Solved] Getting Amazon echo to discover my MQTT switch items with hue emulator?

After a few weeks of learning i finally got my esp8266 switch to work on openhab2 with MQTT binding . I am now trying to get my item to be discoverable on my amazon echo with the hue emulator but i cant get the echo to disscover anything. I have turned on pairing in paperUI and put the tag [ “Switchable” ] on my item but get nothing. Im not sure im doing it correctly. My Item is below .

Switch MQTTLED  ["Switchable"] {mqtt=">[mosquitto:/BathroomLightSwitch/gpio/5:command:ON:1],>[mosquitto:/BathroomLightSwitch/gpio/5:command:OFF:0]"}

You have to use a label for your item. That label will be the name of the item in Alexa devices list like the example below where the label is “LED”

Switch MQTTLED "LED" ["Switchable"] {mqtt=">[mosquitto:/BathroomLightSwitch/gpio/5:command:ON:1],>[mosquitto:/BathroomLightSwitch/gpio/5:command:OFF:0]"}

Thanks ,ill try that

Sweet its working .Much thanks