[SOLVED] Google Calendar Scheduler

Hello Guys :slight_smile:

I installed the googel-calendar-scheduler and it download the google-calendar.

So fine so good :smile:

I used the workaround on https://www.openhab.org/addons/integrations/gcal/#calendar-event-configuration

I want to control my fritz 301 with the calendar but i don’t know how.
The workaround shows a way how, but the configuration-section isn’t very detailed and I don’t understand what I have to do :frowning:

Has someone an example or config-files which I can use?
Can someone help me, to figure this out?

Best regards

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Did you get the credentials according to the steps described here.

And did you enter the credentials from the above step into services\gcal.cfg as described here.

As for the calendar name, you can use your default Google calendar, or you can create a separate calendar just for the openHAB calendar events.

Yes, I followed the steps from the description.
I get no errors from the openhab logs.
And yes I use a separate calendar, but I wrote this in the gcal.cfg.

I think this is working, but I don’t know, how I must configure the calendar in Openhab.

Thanks for your response

If you got the Google API credentials and put them in gcal.cfg, then all you should need to do is to create new calendar entries for the things you want to perform on a schedule.

For example, let’s say you have a light whose item name is MyLight. And, you want to turn on that light at 10:00 and turn it off at 13:00 every day. You would create a calendar entry that looks like this.

Hint: Make sure you remove any formatting of the event description by clicking on the Remove Formatting icon.


A TON of thanks. Now it works :blush: :rofl:

My mistake was that I thought I have to order openhab do execute the code:

start {
send SdKueche_Outlet ON…

in a rule or cfg file.

Many Many thanks :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::

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Hi ,

I 'm trying to use GCAL scheduler .
I have the API configured , Google Calendar Scheduler is running ver : misc-gcal1 - 1.14.0
OPenhab is running 2.5.0

the send command is capture in the event log (see snapshot) :

But my switch “classiques” does not changed from OFF to ON

Any idea ?


I want to add in my calendar but openhab does not appear as an option like this in your image, what should I do? I have my email option

Did you create a Google calendar named openhab?

you mean the name of the event? because in that option I only get my email, it doesn’t give me to choose more

No, I mean the name of the calendar. If you want a calendar named openhab, you need to create a calendar named openhab in Google.

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I have tried to implement this on multiple OH installation 2.5.2 and 2.5.10. I cannot get either to authenticate enough to even get the device authorization code. See figure 2

The Figure 1 below is from a test installation of OH 2.5.10, I use to perform test installations of bindings ,etc. before installation on my live system.

Few observations:

  • Configuration directions state to use the application type of “other” I don’t have that option in my personal API Manager or in my business G-Suite API manger either. Outside of Google’s every changing menus, all other directions were close enough to follow. I used “web application” for the project OauthClient
  • gcal_oauth2_token is found in c:\openhab-2.5.10\userdata\gcal
  • I have placed my client_id & client_secret as well as my calendar into the gcal.cfg files in c:\openhab-2.5.10\conf\services\
  • GCAL bundle is version: org.openhab.io.gcal v1.14.0
  • restarted the bundle several times, same error.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Okay… I was able to get gcal working this morning.

  • Login to your Google API Manager.
  • From the project drop-down, select an existing project or create a new one by selecting Create project.
  • In the sidebar under “API Manager”, select Credentials, then select the OAuth consent screen tab.
  • Choose an Email Address, specify a Product Name, and press Save.
  • **Click on Libraries and add Google Calendar API
  • In the Credentials tab, select the Create credentials drop-down list, and select Help Me choose
    for “Which API are you using?” select “Google Calendar API” from the drop-down menu
    for Where will you be calling the “API from” select "Other UI(e.g. Windows, CLI tool)
    for What data will you be accessing? select “User Data”
  • Put Name and press the Create button.
  • Copy client id and client secret

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how could this be done with openHAB 3? I don’t find the the equivalent entry in misc.