[SOLVED]Google Home MyOpenhab Linking problem

I have OpenHab up & running on Raspberry Pi Model B.
Version:- Openhabian-v1-4-released/37398
I have link my Amazone Alexa with OpenHab using Openhab Cloud binding and it work flawlessly.
now i wanted to integrate “OK Google” of my android mobile with Openhab.
I tried to link my google Home with MyOpenhab using my mobile, I followed steps shown in Documentation but something went wrong.
i attached image of Myopenhab account application page where google assistant voice control is shown but it not works.

suggest how to resolve this & how to use OK Google (android) to control my Openhab things.

What went wrong?

I got message like
"Couldn’t update the setting. Check your connection.
As shown in below image.

I don’t have Google home, I want to use ok Google of my android phone to control Openhab items.

I had take backup of my openhab and install fresh openhab on my Raspberry Pi 3 model b.
Surprisingly Google is connected in first attempt.
Everything works like a charm.
Thanks everyone to support.

currently Alexa and Google both are connected with my openhab server and both are working.