[SOLVED] Google Home New Devices

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(Kristoffer Isaksson) #1

I have setup the connection to myopenhab and added OpenHAB as a service in Google Home App, works good, when I made this initial test then I had only added the Tag Lightning to one device.
I have now added that tag to a couple of more devices and added them to myopenhab but they does not show in Google Home app, how to sync so that new devices gets added to Google Home?

(CM6.5 H102) #2

Have you enabled the hue addon binding for emulation?

(Kristoffer Isaksson) #3

Nope, but the first device is working as it should, I just want to know how I could add more devices without the need to unlink and link to OpenHAB in Google Home.

(Rob Nielsen) #4

Say “OK Google, sync my devices”

(Kristoffer Isaksson) #5

Perfect, thanks, that solved my issue

(Angelos) #7

#3 (plus a lot more)