[SOLVED] Google home showing 2 devices for dimmable light

I’m trying to setup a light to connect to google home. It is a dimmable device that has 2 channels (ON/OFF) and Brightness. These are setup as Switch and Dimmer items. They are tagged as lighting.

The show up in Google Home just fine, but i see 2 lights. #1 just has on/off function. #2 has on/off and dimmer, but the on/off doesn’t do anything. This is understandable as google is seeing the 2 as separate devices as there are 2 items.

Just wondering if there is anyway to avoid this and set it up so that i only see one ‘Light’ in google home (and dimmable light with on/off that works)?

My items look like this:

Switch Shed_Internal            "Shed Lights"           ["Lighting"] {channel="shelly:shellyrgbw2-white:bc07fc:channel1#power"}

Dimmer Shed_Internal_Dimmer     "Shed Lights"           ["Lighting"]

Solved it!

Did not know you could link 2 channels to the same ‘Item’…!

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Matt4, sorry for reviving an old thread.

Could you share the final configuration file parts for your solution? I read the referenced solution, but it wasn’t obvious what needed to change in my configuration.

Thanks! – Steven

Hi, I don’t actually have any items configured with 2 channels any more, the Shelly binding was updated so that #brightness channel can accept ON/OFF and brightness values.