[SOLVED] Grafana / Influx DataSource Settings

Probably a dumb question but when authorizing a data source in Grafana to InfluxDB, what is the difference between:

Basic Auth Details
InfluxDB Details?

I’m using openhabian, but had to do a fair amount of manual installation steps as the auto install through openhabian-config did not work and 2.6.0 gets installed through the repos.

At the moment, I’m trying to just use the admin user and password for all services as I can’t get a less privileged user to write data to the influx database through persistence (but the admin user is working). On my install, I can’t query the influx db using an authenticated but less privileged user through the command line. The admin can see the data, however.

but any combination of user and passwords in the Grafana datasource setup I cannot make work.

Usually by the time I type a question, I figure out the answer and abort my post, but no such luck this time.

from the source code of the WIP for openhabian install, it looks like both usernames and passwords should be the same thing:

with them both being the admin password, I was able to get the datasource working.

I also think that I had issues on the command line by not putting user names in quotes.