[SOLVED] Grafana not storing / historizing some particular items


i have been trying to store the ultrasonic sensor values to Grafana with Influxdb, But its not storing some particular tag values, Rest of the values are storing fine…why is this happening ? See in this below pic Ground Tank Level item which is manipulated value of tanklevel item is only shown. No value change of tanklevel is seen.

Persistence file

Strategies {
    everyMinute : "0 * * * * ?"
    everyHour   : "0 0 * * * ?"
    everyDay    : "0 0 0 * * ?"
		default = everyChange

Items {
		Databasesizetm,memUsed,diskspaceused,openhabCpuPercent,HT_Temperature,HT_Humidity,Gateway_AmbientLight,G_Gateway_AmbientLight : strategy = everyChange

		InfluxDB_Size,GroundTanklevel,tanklevel : strategy = everyChange

Item File

Number GroundTanklevel "Ground Tank Water Level [%.2f %%]"

Number tanklevel "Distance [%s CM]" {mqtt="<[broker:tele/ultrasonic/SENSOR:state:JSONPATH($.SR04.Distance)]"}

Rule File

rule "Final level"
	Item tanklevel received update
	if(tanklevel.state instanceof DecimalType)
	GroundTanklevel.postUpdate((0.645 * (195 - (tanklevel.state as DecimalType))) + 0.025) // y == mx+c equation

Throw some light if i am missing something…

Do you actually get the right value outside of Grafana?

More particular, is the rule actually triggered? (the item definitions might be helpful here)

Soon i will provide you item definition for time being please see graph of rrd4j is able to see the changes…

Maybe the question is a little stupid, but on the time interval, the grafana screenshot seems to show the same (constant) value as your rrd4j screenshot… are you sure you don’t just look at the wrong interval?
Because you obviously have some (really small) changes in value.

Change this in grafana:


I tried distinct() but no changes were recorded for tanklevel item (Raw input from sensor)

I have updated my main post with item file & influxDB Persist configuration details please check

Can you show your events and openhab log when the value of tankLevel changes, please?

tank_openhablog.pdf (36.5 KB)
tank_event.pdf (107.4 KB)

Please Find attached files

Your items are updating and the rule is running
So try changing
default to autogen
for both items

Or maybe try creating a new chart with both items both with autogen and distinct

Please check i did try to create new chart but only groundtanklevel item is visible and raw input tanklevel item is not still…updating…

Any idea…

If you create a chart with ONLY tanklevel what do you get?

Empty :frowning:

Your item is not being persisted.
Did you restart OH since adding it to the persist file?

After Restarting… i am able to see some positive… atleasdt sensor raw value text is visible with reading. Fingers…crossed…until value actual fluctuates…

udpated after 1 hour (Persisted, every minute and every change)

Problem solved!