[SOLVED] Group Average no longer working

Hi everyone after my 2.2 setup went all crazy I made a fresh start using 2.3 and moved all my items ect over mostly this seems too have worked although in my old setup I had my temperature items grouped and then I used this too display the average temperatures ect this no longer works my group temp now says null although the individual temperatures are still working

How do I fix this

Hello Aaron,
Please post your items to start with

Group Gtemperature "Temperature Group"
Number	HUE_Temp (Gtemperature)	{ http="<[]" }
Number	HUE_Temp2 (Gtemperature)	{ http="<[]" }

I removed my hue api key from the hue_Temp Items

Group:Number:AVG  Gtemperature "Temperature Group"
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Thanks for the link just had a look through and saved for later use why did this work before was the default action average or something