(solved) Group:Nummer:SUM - does not work

Hi, for whatever reason Group:Nummer:SUM does in my case not work. My UI just displays - kW/h. It is working very well for the individual items (EG_F2_Herd_Verbrauch and EG_F3_GWA_Verbrauch).

Anyone an idea?


Group:Nummer:SUM gStromverbrauchAll “Haus Gesamtverbrauch: [%.0f kW/h]”
Number EG_F2_Herd_Verbrauch “F2 Herd Verbrauch: [%.0f kW/h]” (gStromverbrauchAll) {knx="<9.024:x/y/z"}
Number EG_F3_GWA_Verbrauch “F3 GWA Verbrauch: [%.0f kW/h]” (gStromverbrauchAll) {knx="<9.024:z/s/c"}


Text item=gStromverbrauchAll
Text item=EG_F2_Herd_Verbrauch
Text item=EG_F3_GWA_Verbrauch

Try Number instead of Nummer.

What an error!!! Thanks a lot - you made my day!

You’re welcome… :slight_smile: