[SOLVED] Group with UoM and function

Hi all,

I’m currently implementing some stuff regarding energy monitoring and facing an issue if I use groups with units of measurements and functions.

My idea was to have a group item that shows me the total energy consumption by summing up the items of this group. Unfortunately this group always has the state UNDEF. If I remove the UoM it is working fine.


Group:Number:Energy:SUM Power_Total

 Number:Energy Power_Device1_Total (Power_Total)
 Number:Energy Power_Device2_Total (Power_Total)

Since I didn’t find any example using UoM and functions on groups I’m wondering if this is supposed to work or just not supported?


Not supported. UoM is designed for items linked to UoM channels.
You will need a proxy item

Okay. Thanks.

Already thought something like this. Will keep my group items as normal Numbers