[SOLVED] HABmin Z-Wave mesh image question

I’m using openhab 2.4.0 M5 with currently 9 devices on the same floor.

Device 1        : USB controller   
Device 2 - 6    : batterie powered devices in the same room as the controller 
Device 7        : line powered switch half the way to devices 9 and 10
Device 9        : batterie powered button
Device 10       : line powered switch

HABmin shows me this mesh network:


The color of the circles is clear: blue := line powered / red := batterie powered

But what does the color of the lines mean and why does the mesh looks like this?

I expected

nodes 2 - 7       connected to node 1
nodes 9 and 10    connected to node 7

— Tolotos

The red unidirectional lines show that there is a one way connection. eg node 10 is in node 1 neighbour list, but node 1 is not in node 10 neighbour list.

I configured a heal for midday and now i get this mesh image:

Interessting issue:
Node 10 (largest distance to controller) is direct neightbor but node 7 (half the way - between) not.