[SOLVED] Habpanel config not saved


I have issues with Habpanel since yesterday.
If I start either my wall mounted tablet or my iphone, I get a blank screen (like when starting from scratch with habpanel).

I can choose the server stored configs and they look just fine like I expected.

However, after choosing the right config and starting again after closing the browser, I get the same thing (blank).
So the browser device does forget which panel config (on the server) I selected.
Even storing the config locally does not make a difference.

Any suggestion how to solve this?

The question is what have you changed so that it behaves differently. That would make it easier to help.

Hi Volker,

thanks for your help.

I actually installed OH 2.3 about a few weeks ago.
After that it used to work properly (without the issue mentioned above).

Because I had some other issues (rules not triggered properly / persistence)
I deleted the contents of /var/lib/openhab2/cache and /var/lib/openhab2/tmp a few days ago
I also deleted the files in /srv/openhab2-userdata/config/org/openhab/
(this included the habpanel.config as well - so I restored a copy of it).

After this process it used to work like a charm, but yesterday I did a reboot and was stuck with this issue.

How did you restore the habpanel config file? On the command line? Did you use the openhab user so it has the correct file permissions and is writable by openHAB?

Edit: Most likely this has nothing to do with it because it seems to be a client problem. But I would check that nevertheless.

Edit2: did you try another browser? Does this only happen on a single device or all of the clients?

I just copied it back from a subfolder into the config folder as sudo - so I assume the permissions stayed untouched.
However, you have been absolutely right!

A reboot of my tablet AND iphone did the trick.

because it stopped working on both devices after a reboot of OH yesterday, my assumption was that it’s server related - not cliennt related.

Thanks for pushing me into the right direction!