[SOLVED] Habpanel doesn't work anymore after openhab 2.4 update

after update system I saw that openhab was updated to 2.4 and nothing was working. So I configure the legacy 1.x mode to mantein compatibility and reinstall 1.x Action MQTT and binding MQTT version 1.x

This broke something in my configuration.

Habpanel read the change status of my switch but doesn’t send the change. Seems was in read only.

When change status using the hardware button mosquitto receive the command and change also to Habpanel but not viceversa. If i change the status of the switch on habpanel nothing happen. In the log of openhab I saw the command was logged.

The device connect properly to mosquitto.

The items file doesn’t change. Other configuration remain the same.

It might help to share your Item definition


in items file the i have on command the “<” inboud when the correct is “>” outbound

Switch Acquarium “Light” (LR,gInterr) { mqtt=" < [Broker:cmnd/sonoff-Acquarium /power:command: :default], <[Broker:stat/sonoff-Acquarium/POWER:State:default]"}
Switch Acquarium “Light” (LR,gInterr) { mqtt=">[Broker:cmnd/sonoff-Acquarium /power:command:
:default], <[Broker:stat/sonoff-Acquarium/POWER:State:default]"}