[SOLVED] “Half virtual” wall switches?

Does anyone know if you can have “half virtual” switches? What I mean is that I have a wall box with one switch which is wired to a ceiling outlet. I want to install automation to this (qubino, fibaro or similar) but at the same point would make it a double switch in which the second paddle can trigger a relay which is installed elsewhere and not physically linked to the switch box. Is that possible or is the solution to glue a battery operated wireless switch next to the existing one?

Lots of ways to solve this. I assume you are going to convert the single gang box to a double gang and then power the new switch with the existing line in in the box. Many of the zwave/insteon or other solutions would work.

Thanks, so I use the „1“ relay and connect the second switch to one of the „I“ outlets or do I need the „2“ relay? (And if so, how do I wire it?)

Thanks, I found their extended manual. Looks like exactly the thing I was looking for.