[SOLVED] Harmony Hub control an Item


i use Logitech Harmony Hub to control some devices.

I add Harmony Hub Binding and discover some Items:



I didn’t know how i use the “send button press item” in sitemap

I use only one action in harmony hub to power on or power off this device

Thats what i already tried:

Switch item=UGREENSuperHDSwitch_ mappings=["PowerOn"="An","PowerOff"="Aus"]

After few trys i solve this issue. The Button Name was incorrect. It works with follow Switch:

Switch item=UGREENSuperHDSwitch_ label="HDMI Switch" mappings=["PowerToggle"="Power"]

Hello, first you go to the addons, then misc and then install the Rest Documentation. The next step is to copy the name of the Send Button Press “harmonyhub:device:HarmonyHub:58270035:buttonPress” and go to the Rest api. You find the rest api on the overview site or here http://YourIPAdress:8080/doc/index.html#!/channel-types/getByUID . Go to channel-types/getByUID. Paste the Send Button Press “hamonyhub:device:HarmonyHub:58270035:buttonPress” in the ChannelTypUID Value Box and click the button “try it out!”. You can see all the commands from the device.

Great thanks!! that‘s what i‘m looking for too.