[SOLVED] HDL Binding for OpenHab 2

Hello guys,

Has anyone managed to run HDL (BusPros) in OPENHAB2?

I tried https://github.com/andrey-desman/openhab-hdl without success.



I have only used the 1.x binding. Tried it under 2.x as 1.x legacy without success. I think there was some issue initialization of network socket.

There are some Node.js and Node-red implementations here (haven’t had time to try it yet):

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I have made a simple test with node-red-contrib-hdl.


The Dimmer Level value is input to the function node, where the required JSON object is build up. Like this:

var dim_level = Number(msg.payload);

msg.topic = "1.103"
msg.payload = {  
      code: 49,
      data: {
        channel: 6,
        level: dim_level

return msg;

I can then manipulate a Dimmer Item in OpenHab, and use Node-Red to send that value to the HDL controller.

It worked. Thank you very much !

How to install this binding?