[Solved] Heatit Z-Relay now in OH2 (Z-Wave development binding)

@chris, just entered this device in the database.
Tell me once it is in the dev binding, and I will test it.

manual_heatit_z-relay_(2).pdf (333.2 KB)

@chris have you had time to include this in the upcoming dev binding?

No - I will do it tonight. I’ve just approved the database earlier this morning…

Looking good @chris. Thanks!

Switch works OK.
Will report on power meter when mounted.

Since this as going to control my boiler, I was a bit concerned about power on state.
Many devices do have a parameter allowing setting of the initial switch state of the device.
This one does not, but setting param12 to 2 and param13 to 0, the relay turns ON when powered on.
The ON state is not sent to the controller though, so be sure to set polling interval to 10min.

I plan to only power off during peak hours.