[SOLVED] Help with mail action gmail error Could not send e-mail

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Suggest you used SSL, thats why i said to change to TLS.

The shield also blocks the port for SSL wouldn’t i just be in the same boat as i would also have to just fully unblock port 576

you are right though 465 is the port i removed from AV im pretty confused by ports ect i have limited networking knowledge i swapped both the tls and ssl ports too 465 in the mail.cfg but i did comment out SSL

I was facing the same problem that I couldn’t send an email due to Gmail error 007. It was really irritating. I have reset my Gmail account and fix the error. You have to check the error.


I have been having issues with smtp.gmail.com. To solve my issues I have changed the username from gmail.com to googlemail.com. I have also had to change a setting on my gmail account to “Allow less secure apps: ON”


I am also faced I this problem much time send the email but email not sent. I don’t know what is the reason that is happening to go on so that after many research I found the solution the issue was occurred due to virus so I installed antivirus by following the instruction from Facebook, and now everything is fine.