[SOLVED] Help with setting up a rule

I have managed to write a rule that is “timer based” turn off after 15 mins etc

I now have a requirement to “do something” if a specific temperature is reached, the problem is I dont know where to start I have managed some basics such as

Item mySwitch changed from OFF to ON

but I need some help/pointers on how to refer to temperature. such as if temp > 20 “do something”

Hope that makes sense


Use a rule that triggers on the Change event of item that holds the temperature and use in the body an if statement that checks if the temperature is above the given value.

Something like:

val Number mySpecificTemperature=20
rule "Temperature Checker"

    Item YourTempItem changed
    if YourTempItem.state>mySpecificTemperature {
        'do whatever you need to do

Thanks that all worked (annoyingly I already had a rule in my rules file that i did a few months ago)