[SOLVED] Hide items from alexa

Hi there,
I just connected our Alexa App to the openHAB cloud service and managed to get everything working.
But as we do use the Hue App a lot and don’t want to switch everything to the hands of openHAB, yet, Alexa is discovering all the lights twice. Once from the hue bridge, and another item of the same name from openHAB.
Is there any way to tag items that I do not want to present to the Alexa skill?
Some kind of tagging would be nice, or a custom items file I could use?

There are two ways to achieve this:

  • Assuming you are using the Hue emulation, you have an option to change the tags naming. That way, only the items you intend to use with Hue App will be discovered.
  • Use this workaround forcing the skill to ignore the tags on the item you want to hide from Alexa.

This is how I have mine setup.


Switch HueSwitch "Switch" ["HueSwitch"]
Dimmer HueWhiteLight "Light" ["HueLight"]
Color HueColorLight "Color Light" ["HueColorLight"]

Thanks for your reply, but unfortunately, I am not using the hue emulation.
The hue bridge is just connected to OH and Alexa at the same time.

Got a solution from the german forums, just had to add “alexa=“disable”” to the tags, which made the items I don’t want in the Alexa app unusable for Alexa during discovery.
Is this how it is supposed to be done?

That’s the second way I mentioned above if you clicked on the link :smile:

Sorry, did not see the link at first, was distracted by your nice screen shot :blush:
Thanks a lot for your help, very much appreciated!

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I know you seem to have found a work around. I thought though removing the [ lighting ] tag would make alexa quit discovering? Does it not…

It does if you don’t need to tag that item for other integrations.

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