[SOLVED] HmIP-STHD doesn't get now humidity through CCU2

Hi there,

I’m using OH with the latest stable version. Also, I have a homematic CCU2 and a HmIP-STHD (temperature and humidity sensor).
The sensor gets the temperature and the humidity as I can see in the CCU2:

But in OH I don’t get the humidity. Screenshot from PaperUI (although I manage all Things in files):

Is there a way to get the humidity in OH? Does this have to be changed in the binding, or is there something I can do?
Or, is that not possible at all?


Maybe a hidden channel? Click on “SHOW MORE” to see all channels.


Oh, wow. That was to easy!!

You’re right, then it’s there.

Thanks a lot!

You’re welcome!

At least, it’s not obvious, that the text is a link (could also be a headline to the arrows below…) :slight_smile:

Thanks as well. This did the trick! :slight_smile: