[solved] Homematic 2.0 Binding is uninstalled on every start of OpenHab2

as in the topic: Every time I start Openhab2 the homematic 2.0 Binding is uninstalled. I can reinstall it, and the “Things” (Window Contacts) get recognized and everything is working.
Any ideas how to stop that behavior?

Sorry for disturbing, was my fault:
in the addons.cfg it must be:
binding = homematic,mqtt,knx,astro
binding = homegrar,mqtt,knx,astro

The thing I don’t understand, why is happens it since some (3?) days and not before???

They changed the behavior of the installed bindings mentioned in the addons.cfg some weeks ago. Maybe it was 3 days ago when you made an update to this version?

kommt hin :wink: