[SOLVED] Honeywell Home


Does anyone know if the Honeywell home app can tie in with Openhab. All I can see is stuff about evohome so I followed the guide for that and I get offline communication error. We have a Honeywell TR6 thermostat. Just wondered if that can tie in to openhab2.

The app is no doubt designed to work with their Lyric cloud service. Some people in the past have spent some time trying to get their API to work with OH but no success that I could find.

Somebody mentioned it working with Home Ass. Perhaps their Python code could provide a basis for a motivated volunteer to work on a binding. That is how all development happens here.

Ah ok thanks or letting me know. Saves me from scratching my head for days on end lol. Yes maybe a development could come about at some point. I’m not fussed for now though. Many thanks for the reply.

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