[SOLVED] How do I configure OH3 to control an Alexa device?

EDIT: So after writing this a little bit ago and being persistent in my troubleshooting I realized I was not looking at the advanced channels in my Echo configuration. I found all sorts of new channels to play with including the channels for “Text Command” and “Start a Routine”. Once I created a device for the Echo in my model and linked the TextCommand(String) via a rule I was able to control a simple light. Now onto more complex things like my sonos and thermostats!

System information is below for my configuration:

How do I configure OH 3 to control Alexa devices?

I have the the Amazon Echo Control Binding and things installed/configured.

Alexa discovered all my exposed things from OH3 that I configured the metadata for. So Alexa controlling OH3 things is good to go.

My problem is that I am unable to discover any Alexa Devices in OH3. And I do not know how to send a command from OH3 to Alexa. I found a couple of online posts that only explain part of the process and it does not make sense to me.

I was able to send a message to the Amazon Account - SendMessage channel and retrieve it from Alexa messages.

Thank you in advance for your help and time!

== SYSTEM INFORMATION ==============
version: 3.0.1
buildString: Release Build
locale: en_US
configFolder: /etc/openhab
userdataFolder: /var/lib/openhab
logFolder: /var/log/openhab
javaVersion: 11.0.10
javaVendor: Azul Systems, Inc.
javaVendorVersion: Zulu11.45+27-CA
osName: Linux
osVersion: 5.10.11-v7l+
osArchitecture: arm
availableProcessors: 4
freeMemory: 64159024
totalMemory: 324403200

  • amazonechocontrol
  • bluetooth
  • exec
  • http
  • logreader
  • mqtt
  • network
  • onkyo
  • samsungtv
  • smartthings
  • sonos
  • tplinksmarthome
  • wifiled
  • zigbee
  • zwave
    ios: false
    android: false
    androidChrome: false
    desktop: true
    iphone: false
    ipod: false
    ipad: false
    edge: false
    ie: false
    firefox: false
    macos: false
    windows: true
    cordova: false
    phonegap: false
    electron: false
    nwjs: false
    webView: false
    webview: false
    standalone: false
    os: windows
    pixelRatio: 1.5
    prefersColorScheme: light
    isSecureContext: false
    locationbarVisible: true
    menubarVisible: true
    cookieEnabled: true
    deviceMemory: N/A
    hardwareConcurrency: 24
    language: en-US
    • en-US
    • en
      onLine: true
      platform: Win32
      width: 2560
      height: 1440
      colorDepth: 24
      touch: false
      pointerEvents: true
      observer: true
      passiveListener: true
      gestures: false
      intersectionObserver: true
      dark: dark
      filled: true
      pageTransitionAnimation: default
      bars: light
      homeNavbar: simple
      homeBackground: default
      expandableCardAnimation: default
      userAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML,
      like Gecko) Chrome/88.0.4324.190 Safari/537.36
      timestamp: 2021-03-03T16:57:01.952Z
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