[SOLVED] How do I set WLED Master Controls HSB through nodered

Hi, OH3 with a WLED binding and nodered for visual scripting.

I can get the state of my WLED Master Controls, it goes to payload and I can print it to debug node. I see a string in a format similar to ‘259,100,100’ for H,S,B .

But I can’t set it by sending something similar through an Out node. Whatever string in the same ‘nnn,nnn,nnn’ format I send gets ignored.

I’ve noticed in JS rules in OH3 that I need to scriptExtension.importPreset(‘HSBType’); in order for HSB to be understood in an events.sendCommand(…) .

Is there a way to assemble my payload in nodered so I reach the same effect as that HSBType?


Solved… stupid mistake :roll_eyes: . In my openhab-out2 node I wasn’t setting Topic to ItemCommand. Had it blank.

When I do that I can send a string in the format ‘200,100,50’ for H,S,B and it works.

Hi @flpaoli ,

if you are still around, I am trying to accomplish something similar in Homeseer and having issues figuring out how to get accurate WLED control/status for HSB;

would you mind having a look at this thread and share suggestions or guidance?
Feel free to jump in the HS conversation or provide feedback here, I’ll relay the information.

Thanks for your help!

I would be happy to reply and help but I am not going to read a huge thread. If you have a question please just summarise what you want to know and would be happy to help.

Thanks for reaching out, issue already resolved. Cheers,