[SOLVED] How do I stop the chromecast's stream?

How would I stop the casting stream on my Chromecast? More specifically, what commands would I send to the Chromecast to stop the stream, and in what language?

I would also like to know how to do this. at the moment I’m having to stop the casting by opening the google home app and telling it to stop from in there.

me too.i stopit now by sendCommand(“null”) and causes an error and stops.I want to know if there is a legit way.

sendCommand(“null”) to which item?

to Play URI item.

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Did anyone find out what the correct way is. Sending NULL doesn’t really set the idling value properly and it doesn’t change AppID and AppName either like a real stop does.

Still no solution?
I try actually to solve it, by playing an empty mp3 file which is only one second long.

Stopping the playback is not possible. But you can try to send a PAUSE command to the control channel.

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Hi all,

I added a dedicated stop channel for all things to the binding.


Wow! Thanks! Can you make the PR to the main repo? (sorry for being impatient)

Yes, that was the plan. I have created it now. But I prefer if someone can test it before :wink: .

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tested and works fine for me !thnx.Stop command was missing and now the binding is complete .