[SOLVED] How do you track logs?

and you are doing it from cloud or from your LAN?

from my lan

i try from cloud …
seems cool to have CLI console from phone :slight_smile:

but its asking for password, please try so i can know if i am spicsel hh

Hi i have issue on debian when i try to install

  1. in “org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.cfg” file
    add to file below rows
  2. in karaf type “feature:install webconsole”

i have error
Error downloading mvn:org.apache.karaf.webconsole/org.apache.karaf.webconsole.instance/4.1.5

anything else i need to do for debian?

after new system upgrade i am still not able to install this , maybe someone has any idea how i can get this working?

i have the same error
Error downloading mvn:org.apache.karaf.webconsole/org.apache.karaf.webconsole.instance/4.2.1

just with diffrent version

i am talking about Karaf type “feature:install webconsole”
for web console of karaf