[SOLVED] How to add binding configuration

I was wondering how to add a config to the binding itself, so there is a edit button next to the binding in paperui.
I couldn’t figure out how to do that by looking into other bindings. However there was a config.xml in the openhab cloud connector so I tried to use that without luck.

I uploaded it here.

Maybe spmeone could tell me if this configuration is correct and how I use it in my code.

I do not fully understand what you are trying to achieve. Configure an existing binding or create a new binding?

I’m creating a new binding for my Hue like ecosystem.
At the moment every thing has the server ip set through its properties but there can only be one server on the network so I wanted to move this property to the binding itself, so I was wondering how to add something like properties to the binding and how to access it through code

You need to modify the binding.xml and the HandlerFactory. The network binding can be used as example. Or Homekit.

Have you considered using a Bridge, that would “own” the other Things?

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Yes, I already considered trying that out, but at the moment I’m happy that it works.
Also my system isn’t capable of running two servers/bridge on the same network, so I thought it would be a better idea to give the user only one property since there will only be one server as of now.

I’m not sure what objection there would be to modelling one server as one Bridge. If you’re trying to do something unusual by embedding parameters in the binding itself, it may be a clue that your approach is unusual too.
But it’s your binding of course :smiley:

You should think of it more like phillips hue, just with a maximum of one bridge per network.
I wanted to use my led strips with custom modes (e.g. rgb modes or vu-meter) so I made my own system for it.
After I got my first Google Home Mini for free from Google I desided to use it for home automation in combination with openHAB. Since there wasn’t an add-on/binding for my system (obviously) I “simply” made my own.