[SOLVED] How to add config tool to Linux installation

Dear All,

I have installed OpenHAB following the Linux installation way (well escpecially the RPi way which in short points to the Linux way):

However I’m now missing the usual openhabian-config tool and some of the openhabian default installation stuff like frontail.

I also found an old topic with the same question:

I apologies for opening a new thread but I hope as this is not marked as solved I will get an answer here.

In the mentioned topic someone recommended to additionally install openhabian through manual way (if I understood correctly).
But in this case what exactly happenes?

  • Will the “Manual Installation” overwrite the repo based instance?
  • Will it install only the differentials extending the Linux installation with openhabian capabilities?
  • Or will it install another independent OpenHAB instance?
  • Anything else?

Thank you in advance!

openHABian is more or less the openhabian-config tool. In addition you can get it with images for some platforms like Raspberry Pi.
The openhabian-config tool uses apt to install openHAB, so it is the repo based instance. the whole tool is intended to get one place to control the whole installation process, updates, upgrades, configure which version and so on.

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Thanks for the clarification and sorry for the noob question. Now its clear.