[SOLVED] How to add zwave controller in OH 2.3.0

I recently installed 2.3.0 on a new rpi3 and added the zwave binding. How can I add the controller?
The docs say „Before the binding can be used, a serial adapter must be added. This needs to be done manually. Select Serial ZStick, and enter the serial port.“
There is no place where I csn „select Serial ZStick“. Choosing the zwave binding within paper ui > configuration > bindings > zwave binding there is no field in which I could enter the serial port!

Just hit “Add manually”


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Hi @sihui,
That worked. But the controller is shown as offline. I found different older solution to fix this for a rpi3 with RaZberry zwave board, but these contain files and pathes that do not exist.
I am running a rpi3 with raspbian stretch and an oh 2.3.0

You need to edit the configuration of the Serial Controller thing to enter the port of the USB stick. On Linux, it’s usually something of the form /dev/ttyACM0. I think in 2.3 stable it might actually show you the port(s) that are available.

That’s right @mhilbush and that’s what I did. But the controller is stoll offline

What is the status of the controller thing? It should provide more information than just OFFLINE? Also, what is in the debug log?

Do you have multiple serial ports on the computer? Maybe you have the wrong one?

Works now.
I forgot that I had to disable blueetooth as described here https://github.com/openhab/openhabian/issues/33#issuecomment-266593473

Thanx for your help!