[Solved] How to find out in which build a new device support is included?


I am currently running OH 3.2 M4 and planned to either move to v3.2 RC1 or to v3.3 M2.

Now I found that a new devices support was just added by @cweitkamp and I want to find out in which build it is included as I would then upgrade to this version of OH. I would kindly appreciate if someone can advise me how to do this:


If you check the pull request, you can see that it was merged 5 days ago, so it will be available with the first SNAPSHOT after merging or with the next milestone.

Thank you @hmerk !!!

I understand, but I would be interested to find out in which build numbers it will be merged. Is there a way to find out the build number(s) (3.2 and 3.3)?
Because I remember the Jenkins page where I can see when a build number was finally processed as I am then downloading the appropriate docker image.

As you can see in the PR details, it was merged 5 days ago (13.03.2022)


You can see it will be in SNAPSHOT S2804 and newer, as this was build March 14th 2022

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Thanks @hmerk

I discovered in the meantime this link: openHAB-Addons [Jenkins]
And then checking the builds on the left hand side I see the build #657 from the 13th March and clicking on the “Changes” = “Änderungen”

it shows the added support at the second position …

But thank you for your guidance as well :+1:t2: