[SOLVED] How to include Z-Wave devices using AeonLabs Z-Stick Gen 5 without unplugging it

Hi all.

This is my first post as I’m a new OpenHAB user. I’ve done a search and this question appears to have been asked once before, several years ago, with no answer - so I’ll ask it again. Forgive me if I missed another question.

What is the correct procedure for including Z-Wave devices using an AeonLabs Z-Stick Gen 5? The manual for the latter says to unplug it, then use the button, etc. But if I do that, OpenHAB gets very upset about the device being unplugged, and doesn’t recover when it’s plugged back in and needs to be restarted. Obviously, this is less than ideal.



I started doing network inclusion so I don’t have to remove the stick anymore…works like a charm and prevents that exact issue from occurring.

I accomplish Network Inclusion by shutting down OH and then starting the Zensys Z Wave controller software (it’s free) with one click I can put the system into Network inclusion and join the device wherever it is, leaving the USB stick plugged into my OH server. From the Zensys application you can also have the device update their neighbors.

Download Zensys Tools here…http://docs.incontrolha.com/home/remove-a-failed-device

you should be able to use habmin and keep openhab running at all times…

I recently faced same problem, because Z-Stick’s battery died. Use habmin UI. Go to things and click on search button (left top corner) then choose Z-Wave. Next pair your device with z-stick according to manual.

Yes, should have mentioned Habmin as well…I just prefer the Zensys tools as it provides some additional tools for managing your Zwave network.


Brilliant, thanks. Do you know if this does a network-wide include? When my latest order arrives next week, I’ll need to install some devices that are a long way from the controller.

I believe controller has to communicate with node directly to include it. You can pair devices then install them permanently.

This is why I use Zensys…after including the devices I force the devices (and ones that are close by) to update their neighbors which for me has helped with devices on the edge of the Zwave network.


Yes, it does, but note that not all devices support this, so if you have older devices in your system, it may not work.

Thanks Chris. Do you know if all ZW+ devices support it? This has always struck me as a weakness of Z-Wave. They say to include things in the location they’ll be used, but then say you have to get them close to the controller. This is going to mess with their routing tables, surely? And if you move the controller to the device, you risk disrupting any operations in the mean time.

Yes, they will support it.

Unfortunately, you’d need a time machine to go back and invent something earlier :slight_smile: . Like most systems, it’s backward compatible, but features that are added in newer versions are clearly not available in older devices.

Potentially. In general, ZWave plus uses other features for discovering routes if a message delivery fails, and this will not mind if devices are moved. The controller sends out what’s called an “explorer frame” which is broadcast to try and find a route to the destination device. This is used by the binding to discover routes “on the fly”. Therefore, moving nodes should work ok.

Ah, that’s good to know. Thank you.